What We Have Been Up To…

What We Have Been Up To…

Time for a heart-warming recap.  


As the sizzling and leisurely summer days are fading into the busy ensemble of school routines, holiday preparations, and work deadlines, it is inevitable to think where did the year go?  

We are right there with you.  And as we look back on the experiences thus far, we can’t help but acknowledge the wonderful clients who got us here.  Twenty-three years in this industry has been nothing short of incredible.  As a result, we want to share what we have achieved.

The overall consensus is our ability to meet important needs for our customers.  Gift Hounds has been identified as a means of relief, confidence, satisfaction, impression, and understanding. These words assure our goal of becoming irreplaceable to our clients and creating lifelong relationships.  In other words, you matter more to us than what we create for you. We are so pleased to see the feeling is reciprocated as emphasized in these statements:


“I always feel comfortable ordering Gift Hounds because I know our clients will receive a quality product, packaged meticulously. Amy and her team have the same aesthetic and attention to detail that I do and I have always appreciated that.” 

“You come with solutions and ideas. If something is out of stock, Amy has comparable items for us to consider. And when we are looking for options, the look books are so helpful. Gift Hounds’ best attributes are responsiveness and a high-level of customer service.” 

“Gift Hounds has made it so simple to send high-quality, fun, and creative gifts to our employees. It has lifted morale and allowed us to show our appreciation of our employees’ hard work.” 

“Gift Hounds has strengthened our relationship with clients and showed them appreciation and gratitude.”


Additionally, Gift Hounds has been featured by Trusted Gift Reviews as the top gift delivery in Salt Lake City. We are highly noted for our delivery range, quick delivery service, and sincere satisfaction guarantee. We are ecstatic to have our name mentioned and reviewed by independent reviewers within the industry. 


In conclusion, you have made all the difference in our business. We have not asked for much but have received so much more. We appreciate our customers’ trust in our services and look forward to raising the bar higher in this industry.