Onboarding in today’s job market

Onboarding in today’s job market

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Everyone is hiring and you are vying for the best of the best out there.  So what are potential employees looking for these days?  Sure, wages is still among the top factors, but it surely doesn’t stand alone anymore.  Overall, people are looking for organizations that have a great “culture”.  Businesses have to proactively create a culture that is inviting.  While no singular business is like another, neither is one’s culture. Is your organization:

innovative & fast-paced?
exciting & challenging?
casual & creative?
friendly & flexible?
professional & rewarding?
welcoming & inclusive?

Your culture speaks volumes about your organization and your onboarding programs are the first experiences new employees have when starting with you.   Onboarding isn’t just about paperwork anymore.  In simple terms, onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into your organization.  It’s about making their transition as seamless and as comfortable as possible.  At it’s best, the process welcomes the new team member to a carefully crafted & clear culture. (Now there’s a mouthful.)

ONBOARDING, also known as “organizational socialization” creates a smooth transition for the employer and the employee.  As the job market continues to be stellar and the unemployment rate is still under 4%, the candidates hold the cards.  But the good news is, the culture you provide, along with work-life balance, opportunities for growth and rewards for success, all matter to the candidates in front of you.   We may not be able to assist you with all the tasks, but we can play an important and underestimated role in standing out among the rest. Gifting is a surefire way to tell those people that keep your business in motion that they matter, they count, and you see them!  We are here for all of it, so call or email us today to discuss the right gifting program for you.