Why I’ll Never Stop Learning

Why I’ll Never Stop Learning

I just returned to the office after being out at a business training for a few days.  Taking time out of the office is always difficult, which is why I can usually quickly talk myself out of attending classes, conferences, etc.  In these three days, I was forced to step away from my day-to-day rigmarole and work ON my business instead of IN my business.  It sounds easier than it really is.  Aren’t we all creatures of habit and the disruption of such habits can cause us discomfort and anxiety?  I know I experienced exactly that.  The other main reason I am usually able to turn down such opportunities is the idea that “you don’t know what you miss” if you don’t go.  No love lost.  This time, I am glad I said yes.

What could these random people have to teach me about corporate gifting, client appreciation, employee recognition and the gourmet gifting world?  I wasn’t sure the information would be useful, but I quickly realized everyone is basically in need of the same lessons — whether they be in business or just life lessons.  We are all in the same boat and we can all continually learn from anyone and everyone with whom we come in contact.

So in just three phrases, I will tell you why I’ll never stop learning.

  1. Because even if I don’t want to learn one more thing, I am bombarded daily with new information.  If it’s going to come at me with the velocity of a fire hose, I should at least be consciously choosing those things that matter to me.   How many times at the end of a day do we realize we spent very little time on the things THAT REALLY MATTER to us?
  2. There is no such thing as standing still.  Standing still is the equivalent of moving backward in this quickly progressive world.  I have always operated my business with the idea of “evolve or die”.  It may sound harsh, but the more willing we are to be vulnerable — that is, look at how and why we do things — THE MORE GROWTH WE WILL HAVE as individuals.
  3.  Thinking about having to learn something new is overwhelming, but actually learning something new is exciting and FREEING.  I have never regretted time spent learning.

And who doesn’t want to focus on what matters, experience real growth and enjoy the freedom that comes with knowledge?  Whatever you are doing, my hope is you also find the joy in forever-learning.