How-To Guide on Corporate Gifting TIP #1

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How-To Guide on Corporate Gifting TIP #1

The HOW-TO’s of corporate gift giving


Personal gift giving and corporate gift giving have more in common than you would think.  Think back to a time when you received a thoughtful and memorable gift.  Was the actual item what brings back such great memories or was it the sentiment that accompanied it?  I remember a time returning from a road trip with some friends.  We arrived back in town just in time for me to rush off to work.  While I was out, my friend took my car and scoured it inside and out.  It was such a considerate thing to do and I have always remembered it.  That was over 20 years ago.  Why did that leave an imprint in my memory?  A) it was unexpected B) it was something this person knew I would love and appreciate C) it was right on point.

Now, relate that to corporate gift giving. Take point A — when should an employee or client expect a gift from you?  Hopefully, the answer is never.  You do business together because it is mutually beneficial.  Any gift you offer should be unexpected.   I highly doubt any one is doing business with you simply for the gifts you give out.

Now onto point B — was this friend trying to get me to do something?  Was he bribing me or wanting more from me?  No.  This is where the question of “WHY” you are giving the gift can be answered?  Is it to thank or recognize or show appreciation?  If the answer is yes, then give without worry.  If it is to ask for more business, or request referrals, then it is not only a gift.  It is marketing.

Lastly, let’s look at point C — it wasn’t a holiday.  It wasn’t my birthday.  It was the end of a fun road trip and this friend found a thoughtful way to say thank you.  Doing something at all is much better than never doing something perfectly.  Give in small ways.  Give often.  Give when you think of it and don’t procrastinate.  Giving feels good and instills the habit of thoughtfulness — something we can always use more of in the corporate world.  Give on.  Give freely.    And remember, giving is good.