Gifting is a Love Language

Gifting is a Love Language

Love. Love? LOVE! Why are we talking about love on a page about corporate gifting? In the world of personal relationships, love can mean a lot of things and is often placed in a category of platonic or romantic. In the scheme of “The Five Love Languages”, one may include physical touch as a source for feeling loved. Pro tip: in the business arena, we want to highly suggest you leave that off the list. :)  We aren’t big proponents of HR violations around here.  Rather, consider how you feel loved or cared for by those within your organization and by individuals within companies you work alongside. The actions and intentions that make you feel loved/seen/cared for are often not the same as those on the other end. So, how can we show one another LOVE in the business world?

Here’s my take: because we are interacting with so many different types of individuals on a daily basis, we really need to hone our skills of showing love in a myriad of ways. If we revisit the book by Gary Chapman, we read that the remaining four languages of love are:

Acts of Service | Quality Time | Words of Affirmation| AND —->RECEIVING GIFTS

We firmly believe ALL of the above tactics should be employed in order to best connect with those you surround yourself with — either in your office or out among your clientele.  As you can imagine though, we are big fans of utilizing gifting as one of the displays of your affection.

af•fec•tion: a feeling of fondness or liking

What is amazing about gifting is how it incorporates the rest of the languages of love.  Thinking about, deciding upon and executing the delivery of a gift to an individual or team is no small thing.  While we take care of most of the legwork, you are the one that has been thought-provoked and you are the one to write the gift message…

The words that say, “hey, I see all you’ve been doing” or “thank you so much for trusting me” or “we couldn’t do this without you”.  Then there are ones written for, “I’m sorry for all you are going through” or “all of us here are wishing you a quick recovery” or “congratulations on your new addition to the family”.  The beauty of a thoughtful gift message that accompanies a generous gift can make all the difference.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”   

Everyone, and I mean everyone, likes to receive a gift. After 22 years of doing this, we can tell you with confidence that giving someone the experience of opening a gift and reading the personal message that goes along with it, is not soon forgotten. Whichever method of showing love to those who keep your business in motion you plan to use, our one piece of advice is just to DO IT.  Don’t only think about it, but take that extra step and reach out/connect/extend yourself.  You will never be sorry.  And you know what we always say, “giving is good”.