Gift Hounds, Inc.

Gift Hounds, Inc.

You are hearing it here first.  Gift Hounds, Inc. is adding a new brand, GIFTS².

Gift Hounds started as a local gifting company in the Fall of 2000.  In 2012, we launched giveOgive, a division of the company that sells to distributors nationwide.  Then again in 2014, we introduced a product line near and dear to us, called Ollie & June.  While the website needs a total re-haul, the line, sold exclusively through Gift Hounds, is still one of our best-sellers.  Well…. we have our feet under us again, so we thought, “why not do it again?”.   The result of our craziness: launching GIFTS² to the public.

So what is GIFTS², you ask?  A line of high-end curated gift boxes.  The gifting trend over the past few years has been to offer “curated” gifts to perfectly match an event — by theme, by location or by occasion.  We will still focus our marketing efforts to the corporate world, as we have done with Gift Hounds and giveOgive, and our hope is when we are well on our way to being recognized as the go-to for B2B gifting.

Exciting things are coming, including a one-stop shop, or better yet a “platform” where B2B gifting lives.  We are keeping this a bit vague for now, but we will announce the launch of new websites soon.  We will continue to be thoughtful and innovative, while keeping our clients top-of-mind.  Thanks for being with us on this journey.  We couldn’t/wouldn’t attempt it without you.

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