We love what we do and we’ll continue to deliver and ship your gifts, thoughtfully and with the utmost level of care and safety. With this in mind ,we have consciously deployed heightened service standards in order to better serve you and your clients.  From vigorous work space sanitizing, vigilant hand washing and required social distancing practices, we have upgraded protocols in every facet of our operation.  We are elated that we are able to continue providing gifts so you can send much-needed cheer during this time.  For a full detail of our new policies, see the list below:

1.  We have instituted staggered work shifts, allowing for no more than six people in the building at any given time,and leaving at least double the suggested physical distance between employees.

2.  We have a designated “receiving” area where shipments of inventory are unpacked and all associated refuse is discarded before entering the open production area.

3.  We are still allowing limited no-contact gift pick-ups (with proper social distancing) from our lobby only. We are not allowing visitors to enter our work areas.

4.  We require ourselves and all others working to thoroughly wash hands as they walk in the building and every time they re-enter the production area.

5.  We are disinfecting all workstations multiple times daily.  We have purchased a sets of each tool used in production, (scissors, tape guns, hole punches, etc.) so each gift maker has their own set. These area also sanitized frequently.

6. We have extended our delivery hours to accommodate home and business stops.

7.  We have instituted “doorstep drops” to offer no-contact deliveries which supports suggested social distancing. Our drivers are required to use hand sanitizer before and after every delivery. No up-close and personal interaction or signatures are required.

8.  Lastly, no one that has any symptoms of a cold, or any illness for that matter are allowed within a 50-mile radius of us. especially those on our team.